LED lamps illuminate better, but be careful what you find out there

Best LED Headlights offer more durability, safety, efficiency and beauty, compared to halogen lamps, which equip most cars and motorcycles in Brazil today.

LED lamps can be found on the market starting at R $ 20 for motorcycles and around R $ 40 for cars, but beware: there are many out there that are not designed with safety as a prerequisite.

The cut-off line of the light projection, determined by international standards and Resolution 227 of the Brazilian Traffic Code, also depends on the balance in the amount of lumens, unit of measurement of the luminous flux.

That is why it is difficult to find LED headlights with more than 3,000 lumens with proper functioning, since the temperature of their light is also higher. What is the proper functioning? See the images below, which show where the light has to be directed, where it should not, as well as the differences between a regulated LED and a non-regulated one, which are crucial for ensuring safety.

More security for you and your neighbor

LED is a semiconductor that converts electricity into light, only with better results than conventional halogen lamps . While they produce about 15 lumens / watt on average, the LED emits 20, which evidently guarantees more vision.

According to Philips, its models can deliver about 160% more efficiency when compared to conventional incandescents.

In addition, it can be adjusted more precisely and installed in smaller spaces, resulting in more focus and resulting in more comfort for the driver who comes in the other direction. Among other advantages, are its greater resistance against impacts and vibrations, as well as can last up to about 3 times longer.

Not to mention that it saves more energy from the engine and emits neither infrared nor ultraviolet radiation.

Below is the procedure for regularizing the documentation after installing the LED headlight. It is worth mentioning that xenon headlights are no longer allowed by law, in cars that do not leave the factory with them.

1 - Check if it is in accordance with Inmetro

First, to regularize the change in lighting, it is necessary at the time of purchase of the product to check if it complies with Inmetro. If you don't have the institute's seal, refuse.

2 - Get the form from the DMV

If you want to change the bulbs in your vehicle to super white or LED, you need to get a form (registration form) from the DMV of your state. You will need to fill in all the information and sign the document.

3 - Pay the AED

After this step, the State Collection Document (DAE) will be generated for you to make the payment, which can be made in any accredited network. A detail that many drivers are not aware of is that you can make several changes in a single process, just follow all the necessary administrative procedures. With that, you pay only a single DAE. If changes are made on other dates, you will need to pay the DAE again.

4 - Do the survey

After the modifications are made, the vehicle must be taken for inspection. It takes place at the transit unit, the Vehicle Registration Division (CRVA) or a Ciretran.

5 - CSV Issuance

Once the modifications for the LED headlights were approved in the inspection, the next step is to go to the document issuing sector to have the CSV (Vehicle Safety Certificate).

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