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Evolution Engine.....


Product Features
4-Cylinder in-line engine
16 valves
Cross-flow cylinder head (light alloy)
Dual overhead camshafts with Duplex chain drive
Bucket tappets
Crankcase with maximum possible number of ribs
Forged pistons
Mechanical/electronically controlled fuel injection system with electronically regulated idle speed adjustment
Air bathed injection valves
Microprocessor-controlled ignition system
Single belt drive for all belt driven assemblies
Hydraulically damped engine mountings

Looking into the Evolution engine bay it looks very similar to that of the normal 190E 2.5-16 bay.
The engines in appearance are practically identical, but the internals are quite different. As the normal 2.5-16 had a longer crankshaft stroke to achieve the extra capacity over the 2.3-16, It was'nt the ideal engine for further development into motorsport.
The Evolution engine was a redesigned version of the normal 2.5-16, It had a shorter stroke and wider bores to achieve the capacity and allow the engine to rev more freely and higher!
In the road cars the engine was pushing out around 205BHP in the Evo 1 and 235BHP in the Evo 2, But further development in German Touring Cars seen the engine output increased to out over 300BHP. Proving that it is a very tuneable naturally aspirated engine.
Noise reduction was of special importance in the road car. The result was a pleasent sonorous, Markedly sportive engine sound which emphasizes the character of the 190E 2.5-16 Evolution!
The intake and exhaust systems were designed to enable a higher flow rate, Also the arrangement of the valves allow for optimum volumetric efficiency even at high engine speeds!
The intake manifold is designed as a ram manifold.
It consists of four individual tubes which combine into two channels per cylinder just before entering the cylinder head.
On the exhaust side, two exhaust passages from each cylinder lead into a steel pipe. The four pipes of the same length then lead together in a twin-tube. The exhaust has been specially tuned to allow different engine pressures at predetermined engine speeds.
The mechanical/electronic petrol injection combines the advantages of the basic mechanical system with additional electronic functions. The system has been specially designed to matched the high performance engine.


Engine advantages
-Higher output rates while maintaining good everyday performance
-High torque, uniform high torque curve
-Low specific fuel consumption
-Compact, light unit with even higher performance
-Reliability and easy maintenance

Why 16 valves instead of turbocharger?
-Higher torque in the particularly important low speed range
-Quicker gas pedal response; Better handling during high speed cornering
-Lower weight and more compact external dimensions

Below are pictures of tuned Evolution engines producing over 300BHP naturally aspirated!


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