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The Evolution 1 was a strong competitor in the 1990 German touring car championship, With Thiim finishing 3rd in the drivers championship.
The car was more up for the demands of the touring car races compared to the earlier 2.5_16. Although the Mercedes-Benz 190E evolution 1 did not win the constructors championship, It is a very good base for a track race car!

The Evolution 2 was developed from the Evo 1 to become a stronger competitor and meet the growing demands of the German touring car racing series.
Klaus Ludwig became the drivers champion in the Evolution 2 and
Mercedes-Benz won the constructors championship!
The Evolution 2 has always overshadowed the Evolution 1, mainly due to the higher success it had in the German touring car championship.

The 190E continues to be a succesful track car being entered into racing by private race teams.



Preparing an Evolution for Track day Racing

Depending on what you are doing with your evolution, Will depend on how far you go with race prep.
We are going to focus on Track day road car racing.

Track day road car
If you are thinking about racing your road car on the track for track day events, Then the Evolution will be an ideal car!
The most important things to take into account for this are:
- Service the vehicle before the track day i.e. Oil, Filters, Spark plugs & Ht Leads.
- Check The full Self levelling suspension is in good order with no leaks.
- Check that there are no Bodywork parts loose that could fall off during track day.
- The exhaust system must be in good order and not excessively loud.
- Ensure you have a selection of common tools that you may require.

Depending how far you wish to go, an easy way to lighten the car up without to much hassle removing and re-fitting would be:
- Rear seat base and back
- Floor mats (if fitted)
- Boot carpet mat
- Spare wheel covering

Obviously if you wish to strip out more then you can do.

The good thing with the Evolution's are that it is the basis for a top track race car, It has a very good chassis with a very strong engine sat in the front. The gearbox is a little clunky on the road but it is designed for race use with all the important gears in a square formation!
The suspension allows the car to be lowered to a race stance and improve handling. If you fit a wider set of wheels and tyres for the track, There wont be alot that will touch you in the corners!


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