Specialists in 190E Evolution 1 & Evolution 2

What makes an Evo ? UNDER CONSTRUCTION

So what does make the Evolution models different? What do they have that the other 16V models dont?
If you're wondering this, then read on.
We confirm what is actually different on the Evolution models.


The Evolution 1 had 16" wheels (8J x 16 H 2 ET 34) similar in design to the standard 16V models.
The Evolution 2 had 17" flat 5 spoke design wheels.
Both of the Evolutions wheels were larger and wider than the standard 16V models.

Engine & Gearbox

On both Evolution models the engine was changed to a shorter stroke, squarer engine than the normal 16V models.
They were slightly less in Capacity (2463) than the 2.5_16 but still enough to keep them 2.5 litre. The cylinder heads were designed and built by mercedes-benz, Which had slightly bigger bores than the 16Valves.
Most of the internal parts were upgraded to the sort of spec required for motorsport use and high revving.
Bosch injection system was altered to allow slightly better flow than the 16v models.
Engine management systems were still bosch but of a slighlty different tune.
Gearbox,s remained Getrag dogleg box's but with a different gearing ratio.

Brakes & Suspension

The brakes on the Evolution models were significantly better than the type of brakes on the standard 16V models. The Evos were fitted with large four pot brakes up front to anchor the car down when pressed.
Suspension on the Evolutions consisted of full SLS (self levelling suspension) allround, adjustable by a switch to three ride heights. The standard 16V models were only fitted with rear SLS, unless it was an extra on the 2.5_16.


The main body of the Evolutions had various different panels from the standard 16v models. These were Front outer wings, Front inner wheel houses, Front strut tops, Firewall panel, Rear outer wings, Rear inner wheel houses, Boot floor front, Boot floor rear and back seat / parcel shelf panel.
On the Evolution 1 the bodykit panels that differed from the normal 16valves consisted of extended wheel arches, Front bumper spoiler, Front bumper spoiler splitter, Rear bootlid spoiler, sideskirt trims and rear bumper side extensions.


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